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Wells County Seed Recommendations for 2021

Nov 24, 2020

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Picking the right soybean to plant has become more challenging. COVID shut off plot tours and limited hands on opportunities to learn. The 2019 (early snowstorm) and 2020 (wet planting and early frost) growing seasons did not provide us with great performance information. Each of you are trying to predict what trait platform will be planted on neighboring acres. And seed manufacturers will again each have their own unique programs and discounts aimed at earning your business.

As we consider 2021 seed needs, we recommend keeping it simple. You know what maturity fits your operation. From there, consider your agronomic threats. Phytophthora continues to be one of our biggest soybean challenges that will be the focus of this short blog. It is important to start with a seed treatment. We are trusting CruiserMax Vibrance with strong rates of mefenoxam for phytophthora as well as first in class control of rhizoctonia, pythium and fusarium. CruiserMax also includes a neonicotinoid insecticide that moves freely throughout the plant, not only protecting your roots from wireworms early but also moving up into the plant to protect it from early season above ground pests.

CruiserMax Vibrance helps the plant emerge out of the ground free of disease. Later in the growing season we must rely on the plants’ genes and field tolerance.

When looking over a seed guide, look for Phytophthora Root Rot (PRR) Resistance and PRR Field Tolerance. It is best to look at both the field tolerance and the genes. Each specific gene is only resistant to specific races of phytophthora. We do not know 100% of the specific races that exist in our soils. We are also losing efficacy with some of our races. That is why a strong seed treatment and plant field tolerance must come into consideration even when you are buying a soybean with a PRR resistance gene.

As many of you have heard, On October 27, the EPA announced approval of a five-year label for three over-the-top dicamba products on Xtend soybeans. We were happy to see the anticipated approval of Xtend technology. This gives our customers a valuable tool to control kochia post emergent in soybeans while planting some of the most versatile seed on the market. The industry is also expecting XtendFlex traits for our area in 2022. XtendFlex beans will be resistant to Glyphosate, Dicamba and Liberty. Enlist E3 is another popular trait platform utilizing genetic resistance to Liberty, Glyphosate and 2,4-D. With more trait options in the market, it is important to choose your trait platform early to avoid supply issues. Seed companies contracted their 2021 seed needs long before all regulatory and commodity market conditions started to affect demand of each trait.

As you navigate the seed decision, call your Arthur Companies sales agronomist to answer your questions. Challenge us to position the right seed on the right acre.