On-Farm Agronomy Advising

We help customers maximize profits on every acre with recommendations that are also environmentally sound. From planning to application inputs to harvest, our agronomists and other staff provide information and tools to help you succeed on your farm.

Our highly educated team is well qualified to provide only the most sound agronomic advice and precision farming services. We use an outside research firm and make data available to our customers shortly after harvest.

We understand production systems and products. We continually evaluate them in our own backyard, using replicated university-style trials. That’s why we make recommendations for your farm with complete confidence.


Crop Rotation Planning

Our agronomists are just a phone call away from helping you plan your rotation for next year and years to come. They’ll help you make sound choices by giving you important information about disease, weed and insect management along with insight about how crop rotation can help manage these pests.


Soil Testing and Nutrient Recommendations

We quickly test and return soil results so you can make informed decisions on every field every time fertilizer is applied. With every test, we consult on fertilizer choices – at no additional cost. Testing also shows soybean cyst presence, soybean variety placement, potential IDC concerns and more.


Custom Application

Our fleet of well-maintained application equipment including self-propelled sprayers, boom fertilizer spreaders, spinner fertilizer spreaders and support equipment is available to you. We continue to add to our infrastructure to help speed custom application.